2019 Grind Baseball Tryouts!

The Grind will be hosting its spring/summer team tryouts on November 10th and 17th. Time and location will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Our program spans ages 10-18U. Tryouts are FREE of charge and open to all players! New and current players must attend these two dates. New players: please fill out sign up form under the team page! Let us guide you to the next level!

2019 Grind Spring/Summer Tryout Info:

November 10th @ CT Sportsplex

9-12U 9-10:30 AM, 13-14U 10:30-12 PM, 16-18U 12-1:30 PM

November 17th @ The Grind

9-12U 9-10:30 AM, 13-14U 10:30-12 PM, 16-18U 12-1PM

-Free of charge, all new and current players must attend

Grind Strength: Elite Strength Program

Welcome to the new GRIND STRENGTH!

The new training platform for Grind Strength will begin Monday, March 5th, at 7 PM. Going forward all training is fully individualized based off each athlete's own needs. This means every time you step in the weight room, you are working on correcting your own weaknesses, and attacking your own strengths. We want to give our athletes the best training experience possible. Fully customized training with the options to include nutritional support and supplementation. We urge everyone interested to reach out and join in for a free session. Training is just as important in season as it is in the off season. Don't let your hard work this winter go to waste. Train with Grind Strength. 

Visit our strength and conditioning page for more details. Click here

New Grind Clinics start this Saturday 2/17!

The new Grind Baseball and Grind Strength clinics/programs will begin this coming weekend (2/17). Each clinic/program is designed to prepare the athletes for their first game of the 2018 spring season. See below for more details.

Youth Hitting Clinic (10-12U): begins this Sunday (2/18) at 1 PM. The clinic will run for six weeks and conclude on March 25th. This clinic is ideal for our younger athletes. It will introduce them to basic body control drills, swing mechanics, tee progressions, soft toss and batting practice. The final sessions will finish with game-like situations to prepare them for game 1 of 2018. Sign up here

Youth Fielding Clinic (10-12U): begins Tuesday (2/20) at 6 PM. The six week clinic will conclude on March 27th. This clinic will be primarily focused on fielding, footwork, throwing, ground ball repetitions and glove work. Sign up here

Youth Speed & Conditioning Clinic (10-13U): Ready to become stronger and faster? Sign up for the Youth S&C Clinic beginning Monday (2/19) at 5 PM. The six week clinic runs Mondays/Wednesdays which gives you the option to train 1x or 2x per week. This clinic will be centered around power, speed, stability, agility, and pre/post game routines. Athletes will be involved in competitive drills to lift their confidence and improve decision making. Sign up here

Elite Fielding Clinic (13-16U): begins Tuesday (2/20) at 7 PM. The six week clinic will conclude on March 27th. Glove work, throwing mechanics, body positioning and quality reps will be the focus. High level defense is continually correlated with winning teams and elite prospects. Join us and stand out from the rest. Sign up here

Elite Hitting Clinic (13-16U): begins Saturday (2/17) @ 11 AM. The six week clinic will conclude on March 24th. Each session will build upon the previous. This clinic will be centered around elite swing mechanics and mental hitting approaches. Hitters will have a better understanding of their swing and in-game approach at the end of the six weeks. Sign up here